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Psalms 40-42, Acts 27:1-26 • Key Verse: Psalm 42:5
Depression has been called “the common cold of the mind.” Many people experience it in
varying degrees; some are only mildly affected on occasion, while others are caught in a
downward spiral of increasing hopelessness. Whereas some things can be fixed quite easily, a
downcast soul resists the quick fix.
Yet we must never lose sight of the fact that there is hope. The psalmist described such times as
making him feel like a deer panting for water, desperately needing it. His food had been his tears,
and even his memories of worship had almost a taunting effect as he remembered how it used to
be. Notice what he did to address and change his situation.
First, he asked, himself why he was downcast. When we know why, we can deal with the cause
and not just experience the effect.
Second, he did remember—not just the good days past, but he remembered God. He focused his
mind to dwell on God, to hear His songs in the night.
Third, he put his hope in God, a hope so certain that he knew the day would come when he
would “yet praise him” (42:5).
The difficult days do come, the times when our soul feels parched. The cause may be complex
and the cure evasive, but don’t lose hope. Think through why, remember God, and determine to
place your hope completely, without wavering, in God.
The praise song from this psalm is a beautiful reminder of why we should turn to God when
feeling downcast. Perhaps today you need to do that. Ask God to help you understand why you
are downcast, remember Him, and put your trust in Him alone.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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