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Psalms 35-36, Acts 25 •Key Verse: Psalm 35:28
Weather probably tops the list, followed by sports arid perhaps something in the news as typical
topics of conversation. It’s so easy to bring up these subjects. But do we really need another
person to verify that it is hot today?
If these three are probably among the most common topics of conversation, what might be
toward the bottom of the list? Our failures would probably make that list. Not too often do we
bring them up in a conversation. “Let me tell you about how I messed up yesterday” is not an
oft-used conversation starter. Also toward the bottom of the list might be these two: God’s
righteousness and praise.
David said, “My tongue will speak of your righteousness and of your praises all day long”
(35:28). Does that mean David never commented on the weather or talked about current events?
No, but it does mean that the subjects of God’s righteousness and praise were not absent from his
conversation, as they are often missing from ours.
We can go days without praising God and telling others about Him. Here’s how to change that:
1.Read the Bible, especially the Psalms, where we so often find God praised.
2. Make a conscious effort to remember not only what you have read but what you have
experienced of God’s goodness and greatness.
3. Repeat these things to others. Look for opportunities to speak of God’s righteousness and
Take this as an assignment for today. Decide on one specific thing about God or something to
praise Him for, and determine to tell that to at least one person you talk to today.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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