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Psalms 31-32, Acts 23:16-35 • Key Verse: Psalm 32:5
Someone once said, “Better the world on the shoulder like Atlas, than Gods hand on the heart
like David.” This statement was in reference to Psalm 32:4, where David wrote, “Your hand was
heavy upon me.” He described that experience with words of pain—bones wasting away,
groaning all day long, strength sapped.
All of these phrases contrast sharply with the opening verses of the psalm, which describe the
pleasure of forgiveness. David could write personally about both the pleasure and the pain. He
also could write of the path that takes one from God’s heavy hand to His blessing,
David had sinned, covered it up and experienced the pain that results. God sent His prophet
Nathan to confront David and put him on the path to forgiveness. David, took the needed steps.
He acknowledged his sin to God.
We, too, must admit our sins to ourselves and to God. David confessed his transgressions, which
goes beyond saying, “Yeah, I did Wrong,” to saying, “I see that I sinned.” There is a difference
in attitude between admission and confession. The difference is seen especially in the outcome.
God forgives the one who truly confesses.
To the reader David says, “Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding”
(v. 9). To state it bluntly, “Don’t be like a dumb animal.” At times God does put the bit and
bridle in our mouths, but it is far better to heed His Word than wait for His rebuke. Choose to
take the path that takes you out of the pain of unforgiven sin and returns you to the pleasure of
David hid his sin for a long time, a time he described in painful terms. Are you experiencing
God’s heavy hand upon you? Right now you can confess your sin, receive forgiveness and know
again the pleasure of forgiveness.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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