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Psalms 29—30, Acts 23:1-15 • Key Verse: Acts 23:1
Similar to the proverbial ‘satisfaction of a job well done” is the experience of being able “to look
them straight in the eye.” There is something about unblinking eye contact that communicates
both truthfulness and determination.
When we know we are right, we will stand up straight, look the other person in the eye and say,
“I know I am right.” To do that in regard to our job or payments made or obligations kept is
important, but all of these pale in comparison to being able to say, “I have fulfilled my duty to
Paul did all of the above. He looked his accusers, the Sanhedrin, in the eye and said, with
truthfulness and determination, “I have fulfilled my duty to God in all good conscience to this
day” (v. 1). He knew he had done right, and not even the authority of this group would make him
back down.
Often we look at this verse and think in terms of the confrontation between Paul and his accusers
but overlook the insight it gives into Paul’s character. He knew he had done what God wanted—
and could look anyone straight in the eye and say so. His conscience was clear before God and
mart. It was the testimony of what truly was “a life well lived.”
Knowing and doing the will of God is the great aspiration of a Christian’s life, but far too often
we just fit it in around what we want to do instead. If you were put on the defensive like Paul,
what statement could you make? Do you live in such a way that you could say, “I have fulfilled
my duty to God”?
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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