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Psalms 26-28, Acts 22 • Key Verses: Psalm 26:2-3
A candidate stepped out of the race and another stepped in to take his place. What was called a
battle of titans now took on a different flavor. A relatively unknown candidate was now on the
ballot against the well-known one.
Unfair? Not really, the political analysts speculated, In fact, it became a much more difficult
campaign for the well- known person. You see, there was plenty of mud to sling about the
previous opponent, but nothing bad was known about the newcomer. Oh, the value of a
blameless life when in a race for office!
Of far greater value is the blessing of a life that is considered blameless by God. David knew that
blessing when he wrote this psalm. He even invited examination by the deity Himself His
actions, he was confident, would withstand the scrutiny.
The list in Psalm 26:4—8 is not exhaustive but is representative of the actions found—or hot
found—in the blameless life. They are good to review, reflect upon, remember and emulate. We
should desire to be blameless in the sight of God and man. Lists like this help us evaluate
Of course, David was not without sin. But the intent of his heart was to do the will of God,
whom he trusted without wavering.
We do sin, but our lives must be focused on living to please God. Make no excuses. Repent.
Change. Seek to live a blameless life.
If you were running for office, what mud would your opponent find to sling at you? When you
answer that question, you will have a list of the areas in which you are not blameless. Determine
to remove all such things from your life.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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