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Psalms 16-17, Acts 20:1-16 • Key Verse: Psalm 16:10
Archeologists sometimes uncover less than they hope for when digging because someone else got there
first—namely, grave robbers. Artifacts that can help us understand past civilizations may be disturbed or the
burial site looted. Both groups seek the items made with precious metals or gemstones, but for different
In Psalm 16 we read about a type of grave robber. This one robs the grave of death itself. David
believed that even death could not rob him of life because eternal life is found in God.
The ultimate fulfillment of Psalm 16:10 was in Christ. Note the carefulness of the wording. “You
will not abandon me to the grave.”
It does not say, “death.” Jesus did die, but He was not abandoned to the grave. “Nor will you let
your Holy One see decay.” Consider this carefully. With death comes decay—unless the grave is
robbed, by God. God robbed the grave of Jesus not with crowbars, shovels and picks but by His
awesome Resurrection power. Jesus truly died, but He did not remain dead. Jesus truly lives,
bodily! The promise of Psalm 16 was fulfilled in every aspect when Jesus arose.
Unless Jesus returns first, you will die. Your body will be in a grave, and one day that grave will
be robbed—of death. “The dead in Christ will rise first,” Paul said (1 Thess. 4:16).
Jesus has conquered death and sin. If you have received Him as Savior, rest assured that life on
this earth is temporary and that God will give you permanent life with Him. Thank God now for
the wonderful gift of eternal life.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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