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Job 41-42, Acts 16:22-40 • Key Verses: Job 42:5-6
Have you ever wished you could take back what you said? Probably the question isn’t if you
ever did that but how often you have—or how recently! Some of us have “foot-shaped mouths,”
the result from too often putting our foot in our mouth.
That may have been how job felt when he said, “I despise myself” (42:6). He wished he could
take it back. Not only did he despise himself, but he also repented “in dust and ashes.” That
indicates more than a bit of embarrassment.
What brought him to this point of humility was the response to his questioning of God. He had
spoken presumptuous words, ones that were more than a searching for reasons behind his
suffering. They were directed to God.
God had heard and He responded, but not with answers to Jobs questions. Instead, God fired
back a sequence of unanswerable questions, questions that made Job realize how great God is
and how insignificant in comparison is man. “Surely I spoke of things I did not understand,
things too wonderful for me to know,” Job said (v. 3).
No wonder he despised himself and repented in such a dramatic fashion.
There are times we want to ask God why? Trying to make sense of the struggles in life is a
natural response. We err, though, when our questioning turns into demanding of God an answer.
We, the created ones, have no right to call on the Creator to account for. His actions.
There will be times when we want to ask God why. Ask God to help you be only a seeker, one
trying to understand. Pray for the grace and wisdom needed to keep from questioning God about
His actions, His motives and His plans.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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