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Job 28-29, Acts 13:1-25 •Key Verse: Job 29:28
I heard about a road in Africa that had a very difficult curve in it. What made the curve so
challenging was the fact that you really didn’t see how hard it was until you were right on it.
A series of warning signs was posted but ignored. It just didn’t look like that big of a deal until it
was too late. Even the last of the warning signs did not slow some drivers, though it said,
“You’ve been warned!”
A similar statement is found several times in the Bible that links the “fear of the Lord” with
wisdom. In essence it says, “You’ve been, told!”
The wisdom the Bible talks about is not the same as a high SAT score or straight A’s in school.
It is skill in living. The person who can take the instruction found in God’s Word and apply it to
his life is a wise person.
Wisdom is then linked with fear of the Lord. This kind of fear does not result in living in terror
of God but having a reverence for Him. When we truly revere Him, we submit to Him and obey
His commands.
We should fear being irreverent or disobedient, but not in a way that sends us cowering in the
corners, hiding from. God. Biblical fear is responding obediently to God, choosing to do what He
“God, help me to recognize my need to properly fear You. May I then see that my life, when it is
one of obedience, is one of wisdom. ”
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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