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Job 25-27, Acts 12 • Key Verses: Job 27:2-4
Three of the easiest words to utter are, “I give up.” Often they are said when expectations are not
met; you expected something, didn’t get it, tried, but finally gave up. That happens with thingslike service at a restaurant, or information on a software problem, or with trying to get something
repaired. But it should never be said in regard to God.
If ever someone had reason to say regarding God, “I give up,” it would have been Job. But he did
not. Instead he said, “As surely as God lives . . .” (27:2). Though difficult to utter, those words
are among the most important ones a person cart ever say.
They comprise the most solemn oath a person can make, and in Jobs case demonstrated his
continued faith despite his circumstances. Job could have given up. He even mentioned the
bitterness that he had tasted, the justice he had been denied—both from God. Still, though, he
began his statements with an oath that called upon God. Even in the hardest of circumstances,
Job s faith in God continued.
Faith is easier when things are going well. We more readily acknowledge God in our words
when we can see His blessing on us. But faith is not for just the good times; it’s for all times.
Is your faith staying strong all the time, or does it ebb and flow like the tide, depending on how
good things seem to be going? God is good, all the time. And our faith in Him is to be strong, all
the time.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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