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Job 8 -10, Acts 8:26-40 • Key Verses: Acts 8:32-33
My family and I walked through the areas at the state fair where young people had
brought their livestock for competition. Many of the sheep we saw were not the
picturesque ones, round with fluffy white wool, but sheared completely. We watched as
some sheep went through the shearing process. They were brought in, sheared and sent
out. No word of protest was offered.
Isaiah the prophet described Jesus in that way. Christ stood before His accusers and did
not speak a word of defense. He was “‘led like a sheep to the slaughter, and as a lamb
before the shearer is silent, so he did not open his mouth’” (8:32).
We would protest if accused falsely, like Jesus was. That is what confused the Ethiopian
eunuch. He read these verses from Isaiah and did not understand about whom the prophet
was talking. God brought Philip to the eunuch. He began with that passage and told him
“the good news about Jesus” (v. 35).

It is good news, the best of news, that Jesus would die without objection. He committed
no sin nor owed no debt, yet like a sheep to the slaughter, a lamb before the shearer, He
stood silently.
The eunuch’s response was to receive Christ and identify with Jesus in baptism. He heard
and received the good news that Jesus so willingly died that we might live.
We also can live if we receive Christ. It is good that you are reading the Bible, but
understand that salvation is not received through good works but by faith in Jesus.
Have you received the Lamb of God as your Savior? He alone can take away the penalty
of your sin because He died in your place. If you have not done so, today ask Him to
forgive your sins and save you.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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