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Job 3-4, Acts 7:44 – 60 • Key Verse: Job 3:23
Among the words a child learns first are no and why—two words that indicate a predisposition to
do one’s own will and not the will of another. Children learn to say “no” very early. The one-
word question comes a little later. The child looks at the parent and asks, “Why?” In essence he
is saying, “What you ask does not fit my plans.”
Sometimes we ask God the same question, looking toward heaven and saying in our hearts, if not
with our lips as well, “Why?” Job did the same thing, although with more than one word. His
why questions are spelled out in detail, and in chapter 3 he came as close as he ever would to
cursing God. Instead, he asked a series of rhetorical questions.
“Why is life given to a man whose way is hidden, whom God has hedged in?” he asked (v. 23).
Tough question! He felt hemmed in, but no longer by God’s protection. Instead, he felt hemmed
in by trouble. The way was hidden to him, made no sense to him, and no way out was apparent
to him. So he asked, “Why?”
Job never would get his question answered. Instead, God demonstrated His glory to Job and he
was so affected by it that he repented, regretting that he asked why in the first place (42:6).
At times we all feel hemmed in and wonder why. In those times we must trust that God is
sovereign, faithfully in control.
Trust can be difficult, especially when things don’t make sense. But they make sense to God. Ask
Him to help you trust even when you want to ask why.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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