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Ezra 3 – 5, John 20 • Key Verses: John 20:21-22
“When you come to a fork in the road,” Yogi Berra said, “take it.” Not the most coherent piece
of advice, but possibly one of the most realistic. We do come to forks in the road of life and often
do not know which path to take. What we know is that we cannot stay there.
The disciples came to a fork in the road when Jesus died, and they couldn’t stay there. Already
they were locking the doors for fear of the Jews. Then came the news and their run to the
tomb—Jesus was alive! So they gathered in a room with the door locked as they stood at their
latest “fork.” And Jesus met them there.
At that place He gave them three things:
1. Peace. He pronounced a blessing of peace on the disciples.
2. Push. He pushed them toward the fork of His choosing when He said, “I am sending you” (v.
3. Presence. He told them to receive the Holy Spirit, the Comforter who would be with them as
they went, bringing them inner peace.
Jesus had brought them to that fork in the road. They were there by His design, and the path of
His choosing now lay before them. With His peace they were to go forth, accompanied by the
Holy Spirit.
Have you ever sensed that you were standing at a fork of God's design? It may seem safer to stay
at the fork in the road, but Jesus promises you peace and will give you a push, sending you along
the road of His choosing in the presence of the Holy Spirit.
Have you been stalling? Perhaps God has brought you to a decision point where you need to
take a next step. Don’t hesitate to go where He is leading you. Remember, He gives you peace
and the presence of the Spirit.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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