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2 Chronicles 25-27, John 16 • Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 26:16

Human nature has a strong and strange capacity for self-delusion.
We err in our assessment of ourselves—usually by overrating ourselves or our importance. At
the heart of this problem is pride, a problem we all face at times.
King Uzziah was powerful but “his pride led to his downfall” (v. 16). Humanly speaking, his
accomplishments were great, but his attachment to them was even greater. He became so proud
that he was unfaithful to the Lord, doing what was not allowed of even the king. He was not
permitted to take the place of a priest to burn incense on the altar in the temple. God judged him
and he died of leprosy, living the final days of his life in quarantine, in a separate house,
excluded from the temple.
Pride can affect our judgment and our attitude, and ultimately lead to a fall. It is a peril to avoid.
How can you tell if pride is a problem in your heart? Answer these questions to help you
examine yourself.
1. What is beneath you? Are there things you will not do because you are “above” them?
2. Who is beneath you? With whom will you speak or not speak? Do you look down on some
because they don’t measure up in one way or another?
3. How do you expect to be treated? Do you need to be recognized, credited, coddled?
A proud person knows what is beneath him, looks down on others and expects special treatment.
To the extent these things describe you, ask God to help you overcome pride.
Read carefully and reflect on the questions asked in todays devotional. They can help you
discern if you have a problem with pride.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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