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l Chronicles 1-3, John 5:25-47 • Key Verse: John 5:25

We are surrounded by death and reminders of it. In our homes may be pictures of family and friends who have died. Perhaps you were an heir and received an item that belonged to one of them, and that also reminds you of them and of the reality of death. Somewhere near where you live are both an undertaker and a cemetery.

The sirens we hear—of ambulances rushing their passenger, rushing to beat death—rush only toward the inevitable. One day, if Jesus tarries, the obituary will be yours.

But in the midst of deaths silence there is a voice, “‘and those who hear will live’” (v. 25). It is the voice, of Jesus, the Son of God, the One to whom God has granted “‘to have life in himself’” (v. 26). All the dead will ultimately hear but not all will rise to live. Some “‘will rise to be condemned’” (v. 29).

The reality of death makes us face the reality of life. Whether we will rise to live or to be condemned is decided now, in this life. Jesus said, “A time is coming and has now come” (V. 25). Salvation is for now, too, not just later. The “now-ness” of it begins when we hear His Word and believe.

Then deaths reminders become reminders of life. We will breathe our last if Jesus does not come first. Our obituary will be written, printed, read and forgotten. The possessions precious to us will be passed on to others—-but that will be of little concern to us because with death we live, eternally with Him.

_”Father, help me see my time on earth as temporary and to be prepared to live eternally with You. May death not be feared or dreaded but accepted in Your time. And may I be comforted knowing that through Jesus I will rise to live.”_

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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