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2 Kings 19-21, John 4:1-30 • Key Verse: John 4:23

There are few things that the Bible says God actively seeks. So if God seeks something, it must be important to Him and ought to be important to us. Luke 15 portrays God as seeking the lost. Lost people matter to God and should matter to us. God also seeks glory for Jesus, according to John 8:50, and in John 4 Jesus said that God is seeking worshipers.

The Samaritan woman raised a question about worship. Perhaps the conversation was uncomfortable, so she switched subjects. It could be that she realized Jesus could sort out the controversy between her people and the Jews. Either way, what He said about worship is instruction we also need to hear.

In this context Jesus spoke of “the kind of worshipers the Father seeks,” those who worship in “spirit and truth” (v. 23). God is spirit. He cannot be worshiped as an image, nor is worship confined to a place. Truth is also a non-negotiable. The worshiper God seeks must worship in truth as it is revealed in the Word of God.

God is actively looking for people who will worship Him. Our challenge is to be the kind of disciple God wants. In seeking to please Him, we must be worshipers who worship Him in spirit and truth.

_“God, are You pleased with my worship? Help me do more than just attend church. Help me give You, in spirit and in truth, the worship You desire. ”_

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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