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2 Kings 13-14, John 2 • Key Verse: John 2:16

The sign in the front lawn said, “For Sale by Owner.” What made this particular for-sale item interesting is that it was a church! It made me think—just who was the owner of this building that had been called “the house of the Lord”?

Buildings that were built to house churches sometimes become restaurants, bookstores, antique shops, offices and other such things. The original purpose of the building has been replaced by a new purpose. The reasons vary. Sometimes a congregation outgrows its facility and relocates. Often, however, it’s because of something far less positive—the death of the congregation. A group may begin with a good purpose but allow the purpose to be replaced with another, one that ultimately leads to demise;
Jesus confronted the people in the temple, challenging them with the statement, “How dare you turn my Fathers house into a market!” (v. 16). When personal gain was more desired than worship, the temple became something other than what God intended.

As you study the Bible, read carefully to learn Gods purposes for the Church. Recognize also the temptation to turn from His purposes to our pleasures. It happened in Jesus’ day and it happens in ours.

Maybe that sign in the lawn of the church was telling the truth. The real owner was selling it because it no longer served His purpose.

_“God, I know You love the Church and want it to bring glory to You. Help me learn from the Bible Your purposes and keep my desires in check. May You be pleased as we worship and serve You.”_

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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