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2 Kings 1-3, Luke 24:1-35 • Key Verse: Luke 24:32

Nothing takes the wind out of our sails like discouragement. We get an idea in our heads, come up with some plans and take steps toward seeing a dream become a reality. Then, just when it starts to look good, something goes wrong. The more our hearts are in it, the more it hurts. And then discouragement sets in, leaving our minds in turmoil as we try to sort out things.

Try to imagine being a disciple, convinced that Jesus was a prophet, that He was one whose words and deeds were powerful before God and man. Add to that a hope He would redeem Israel. The wind is starting to fill the sail! Then He died. The seeming finality that death brings hits hard.

Confusion is added to the mix as some talk about angels they had seen and a body that is missing. No wonder these two disciples, when approached by Jesus, “stood still, their faces downcast” (v. 17) . When the heart hurts, the head hangs, and theirs did.

Notice what Jesus did for them. He talked to them about the Bible, opening to their understanding the writings of Moses and the prophets, the Scriptures concerning Himself. As they listened, their hearts burned within them. The Word, spoken by the unrecognized resurrected Lord, rekindled the flame within their hearts.

When your heart is heavy, look to the Word of God. Don’t just read it. Learn it and live it. As God’s Word becomes fire in your heart, your life will change.

_In times of discouragement where do you turn? Get into the Word, Find in it the encouragement you need that will heal your hurting heart_

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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