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1 Kings 14-15, Luke 22:31-46 • Key Verse: Luke 22:32

Have you ever benefited from someone telling you about a mistake he made? Perhaps he told you about a turn he missed, resulting in either getting lost or a longer trip. Maybe it was when he was installing new software on his computer. When he heard you were traveling to the same place or buying the same software, he passed on to you the “benefit” of his experience.
It’s good to learn from mistakes, whether they are our mistakes or the mistakes of others. Actually, I prefer learning from the mistakes of others, and I don’t recommend making mistakes just to see what can be learned from them!

What Peter was about to do went beyond a wrong turn or incorrect sequence on a software installation. He was about to deny that he knew Jesus. The Lord knew this would happen and that Peter would truly repent. He also knew that Peter would soon head off in the wrong direction and would have to be turned around. So, Jesus told Peter to be ready to help others learn from the mistake he was about to make.

We are not to make mistakes just to have a lesson to teach, but when they happen, we need to be concerned about others enough to teach them. We can be quick to give directions for trips and computers. We also need to be quick to teach lessons that are of eternal benefit.

Plan to succeed in your spiritual life. Plan also to pass on to others the benefit of your successes, and at times, your failures. When you do, you will be like Peter, in the positive sense, of helping strengthen your brothers.

_“Lord, help me realize when I need to learn- a lesson You have for me, and may I be ready to help others, strengthening them in their walk. ”_
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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