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1 Kings 6-7, Luke 20:27 – 47 • Key Verse: 1 Kings 7:1
I watched with interest as the worker at the espresso machine carefully divided the hot
chocolates I had ordered. Both had been made in one container, but now she was pouring it into
two cups, one each for my daughters who were with me.
After the fourth or fifth time of putting a little more into each cup, eyeing the levels intensely,
looking to see that both had the exact same amount, I said, “Do you have a sister?”
“Yes, a twin,” she replied as another small dollop was added, making both as equal as possible.
She was so intent on her task, I figured she must have experience dividing things with a sibling!
When dividing something, it is typical to want the other to get no more than we do. But
sometimes we divide things in a way to get more for ourselves and leave less for others.
The temple Solomon built for God was spectacular—-quarried stone, cedar walls and goldcovered walls, rooms with rich ornamentation and furnishings. No expense was spared and no
detail overlooked. It sat like a golden crown on Mount Moriah. Zion, the city of God, was a
jewel glistening on the heights. It took seven years to build God’s royal residence.
“It took Solomon thirteen years, however, to complete the construction of his palace” (v. 1)—
almost twice as long. Later, Haggai the prophet would point out that the people built their houses
and neglected. God’s (Hag. 1:4).
Dividing hot chocolate is pretty minor, but the heart that will keep for self will even keep from
Watch your heart. Make sure it can give.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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