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1 Kings 3-5, Luke 20:1-26 • Key Verse: Luke 20:25
Almost two weeks have passed since what is considered the second- most stressful day in the
year for an American adult—April 1.5, tax day. (Number one on the list is going to the dentist.)
Perhaps you would rather not think about either thing—words like “root canal” and “audit” are
pretty scary.
What if an audit letter should arrive at your home addressed to you? Which word would best
describe your reaction: “fear,” “anxiety,” “dread,” “depression” or “all of the above”? Probably,
if you are like most, the answer is “all of the above.” What words would best describe the
outcome of an audit: “no problems,” “a few corrections” or “guilty”? You probably don’t need
an audit to tell you the answer to the second question.
If you did the right thing, what Jesus said to do, then you gave “to Caesar what is Caesars” (v.
25). Just think how much less stress everyone would have if everyone obeyed God’s Word as it
applies to taxes.
Next, Jesus said to give “God what is God’s.” What if God were to audit you on this? Sales tax is
added automatically to purchases. Income tax is deducted from our pay. One way or another,
Caesar will get what is Caesar’s. But God does not send tithe collection agents. He gives us His
Word, the Bible, the work of the Holy Spirit and the witness of those who teach and testify of the
joy of giving.
Some day we will give an account. Will you be able to say, “I gave to Caesar what is Caesars
and to God what is God’s”?

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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