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1 Kings 1—2, Luke 19:28-48 • Key Verse: Luke 19:41
Two people can look at the same thing, at the same time, and see things differently. An old table
in a dumpster looks like trash to one, a treasure to another. One set of fans at a championship
game will see triumph, the others tragedy.
On the Mount of Olives that first Palm Sunday, two saw the same scene differently. The
disciples saw the triumph of the moment, while Jesus saw the tragedy. “As he approached
Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it” (v. 41). Jesus saw tragedy that day, not triumph.
The tragedy had three parts. First, the people wanted peace but did not know what would bring
peace to them.
True peace is found only in Jesus. Second, they did not realize the destruction they faced. A few
years later Rome captured Jerusalem, killing more than 600,000 people and destroying the
temple. Jesus also knew that all face judgment unless they receive the forgiveness He can give.
Third, He wept because they did not “recognize the time of God’s coming” (v. 44).
God became a man and lived among us—Immanuel! Yet many did not recognize that and
instead rejected Him. A few days after Palm Sunday the cries of “Hosanna!” became “Crucify
him!” Jesus wept because the people did not know peace, realize they faced destruction or
recognize that He was God.
Do you have peace? It is found in Jesus. He saves us from sin’s power and penalty. Recognize
who Jesus is and receive Him as your Savior today.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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