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2 Samuel 21—22, Luke 18:24—43 • Key Verse: 2 Samuel 22:2
Near the Dead Sea in southern Israel is an immense flat-topped plateau called Masada. It is one
of the most visited archeological sites in Israel today. A palace and fortress built by Herod the
Great sits atop the plateau.
While Herod built the palace that remains there today, Masada may have been a stronghold in
David’s day too. First Samuel 24:22 says that David and his men “went up to the stronghold.”
The Hebrew word translated “stronghold” is Metsade, the equivalent of Masada.
In 2 Samuel 22:2 David uses that word again as he writes, “The Lord is my rock, my fortress
[Metsade] and my deliverer.” When David wrote the word Metsade, describing God as his
fortress, he may have been able to see an illustration of what that meant.
He knew of the stronghold there by the Dead Sea, the one that he himself might have used as a
place of safety. At times he may have contemplated the security his men felt as they occupied the
top of the plateau.
Then when he wanted to describe the safety he felt in God, he used the same word. God was his
If you ever visit Masada, or even see pictures of this fortress, remember that God Himself is your
Masada, a fortress that will stand against any onslaught.
“Thank you, God, for being my rock. Help me always remember that I find deliverance in You. ”

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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