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Deuteronomy 22—24, Mark 14:1—26 • Key Verse: Deuteronomy 22:1
Among the instructions God gave His people were ones regarding the possessions of others.
Straying animals were not to be ignored but returned. At times wandering livestock was to be
kept until the owner came to claim it. Even fallen animals were to be assisted. “Do not ignore it”
is a twice-repeated instruction in the opening verses of Deuteronomy 22.
It is easier to ignore than get involved. These instructions, though, remind us that God is not
concerned just with issues of wrongdoing but with relationships. His people are not to just look
out for self, the proverbial “number one” of our lives, but also for the needs and well-being of
others. That extends to helping with their livestock. In essence, this instruction aims to involve us
in the plights other people face.
Perhaps your neighbor will not have cows loose in your pasture, unless you live in a rural area. If
that does happen, you should help. But some other adversity may come into your neighbor’s life.
When it does, you should help.
Resist the temptation not to be involved with someone else’s needs. Read James 2:15-17 and 1
John 3:17-18. Remind yourself that God is concerned that His people help others.
Is there someone you should help today? If no one comes to mind then start looking. Always be
ready to help.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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