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Numbers 17-19 • Key Verse: Numbers 17:8
Numbers gives interesting insight into the relationship between God's people and His appointed
leaders. On numerous occasions Israel failed. They grumbled and rebelled against Moses. In fact,
their actions were against God.

In Numbers 17 God made it very clear for the nation that Aaron was His choice. His staff
sprouted, giving the people a sign. It was to be kept as a sign to the rebellious, to put an end to
their grumbling.
This passage does not give God’s people today a practice to follow. Churches do not choose their
leaders by bundling sticks to see which one buds. But we are given some very important
Do not miss the seriousness with which God views rebellion. He made clear His choice of Aaron
to keep the people from judgment.
In addition, the choosing of leaders must be taken seriously.
The practice of choosing leaders in the New Testament emphasized prayer. Jesus prayed before
choosing the Twelve. The disciples prayed in Acts 1 before choosing Matthias. The choosing of
the seven in Acts 6 included prayer.
Receiving an objective sign made it easy for Israel to know God's choice. Today’s the process of
choosing leaders must include prayer.
Pray for the leaders in your church by name. Ask that God will bless and guide so that you may
see His name glorified in your church.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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