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Numbers 15-16, Mark 6:1-29 Key Verse: Numbers 16:11
Follow this sequence. In Numbers 11:1, the people complained. In 12:1, Miriam and Aaron
began to talk against Moses. In 14:2, all the Israelites grumbled against Moses and Aaron. In
16:3, they came as a group to oppose Moses and Aaron.
See a pattern? Leadership is not all privileges and perks. It is also a position of problems. People
at times deal with their difificulties by attacking a person rather than by solving the problem.
Now follow this sequence. In Numbers 11:1, the Lords anger was aroused. In 12:9, the anger of
the Lord burned against them. In 14:12, the Lord said He would strike them down. In 16:11,
Moses told the complainers that they had banded together against the Lord.
See another pattern? Attacking God's appointed leadership is a serious offense. When His
appointed leader is opposed, God takes notice. Submission to God’s appointed leadership is
clearly commanded. If there is a time of discontent with leadership in a church or with the
direction of a ministry, consider your actions carefully.
Do not follow the crowd. Follow the Word and determine to approach the problem in a way that
pleases God.
Sadly, God’s leaders can be easy targets. Consider what you say about your pastor and other
leaders in the church. Is God pleased with what you say?
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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