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Numbers 9-11, Mark 5:1-20 • Key Verse: Numbers 11:23
Numbers 11 begins with a gripe. When the going gets tough, those with a gripe get going. The
Exodus was not a nature walk but a tough trek through the wilderness.
There were hardships, for sure. The first complaint, though, was about the food. In their minds,
the Israelites had eaten better when they were slaves. The power of the stomach was so strong
that it sounds like they preferred the food of slavery over the menu of the delivered.
Think about all the blessings God was giving them. They were freed from slavery, delivered
from the Egyptian army and given a promised land. On a daily basis they experienced God's
provision of food and guidance.
Yet in the midst of deliverance, protection, provision and guidance, the people complained. Their
discontent was really a rejection of the Lord. Verse 20 makes this plain.

Rejection of God s plan for our lives is a rejection of God. Discontent with our circumstances is
a rejection of God. Believers may not think of it in that way, but God does.
The blessing of contentment comes with acceptance of God’s work in our lives—no matter what
is on the menu.
“God, help me to know contentment, the kind that comes from accepting Your plan for my life. ”
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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