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Numbers 7-8, Mark 4:21-41 • Key Verse: Mark 4:40
The account to the calming of the sea is so familiar that it can be read almost without thinking.
The disciples are in the boat when a Threatening storm hits. They wake Jesus, whose sleeping
makes them wonder if He cares. He muzzles the wind and all is calm—except the hearts of the

Jesus asked, “Why are you so afraid?” (v. 40). Their fear makes sense to us! The fear of
drowning was real.
What does not make sense is the next verse. After what they had just experienced, the Bible says
the disciples were terrified. Instead of going from fear to faith, they went from fear to fear.
There are two parts to explaining this. First, the disciples went from fear to awe. The Greek
words used here are different. They went from fright to reverential awe.
Second, they were so accustomed to seeing Jesus in His humanity that the display of His deity
astounded them. Typically believers today think first of the deity of Jesus, Divine displays do not
astound us as they did His disciples. They should, though.
Do not by familiarity lose sight of the awesomeness of Jesus. Then in times of fear, He will help
you move from fear to faith.
Take a few moments to meditate about this passage. As you do, answer this question: “What
manner of man is this?”
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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