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Numbers 1-2, Mark 3:1-19 • Key Verses: Mark 3:11-12
One of the confusing situations in the Gospels is when Jesus instructed someone to keep what He
did quiet. In this chapter the evil spirits are given strict orders not to tell that Jesus was the Son of
God. Why would Jesus want that fact kept a secret?
Note that in this situation, as in chapter 1, Jesus is muzzling evil spirits. The problem was not
with incorrect information. What they said was true; He was the Son of God. The problem was
the wrong messenger. As Warren Wiersbe says, “The Savior did not want, nor did He need, the
assistance of Satan and his army to tell people who He was.”
The right message told by the wrong messenger can bring about the wrong results. People could
have confused the ministry of Jesus with their understanding of evil spirits. The two are not
aligned in any way. In reality, they are dramatically opposed to each other.

The truthfulness of the message is vitally important. There also needs to be an emphasis on the
truthfulness of the messenger. Sometimes the message of Christ is hurt by the one carrying the
Are you a fit messenger?
Be the kind of messenger Jesus wants to use to tell others about Him.
Your life affects your message!
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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