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Leviticus 11-12, Matthew 26:1-25 • Key Verses: Matthew 26:12-13
Mary’s act of worship is a scene of beauty in many ways. First is the extravagance of it—the
perfume is described as being “very expensive” (v. 6). From Johns account we learn that she then
wiped Jesus’ feet with her hair, a touching picture of both love and humility. The fragrance that
hung in the air was an unmistakable testimony to her devotion to Jesus.
Her act of worship also was a point of controversy. Judas not only thought of other uses for the
perfume but voiced his opinion. In what may have been a ruse to cover his real intent, he
suggested that the profit, could be used to benefit the poor (John 12:5-6).
Sometimes overshadowed by the giving and the contrasting greed is the fact that Mary was the
one who got the point. Jesus said that He was going to be crucified; she understood and prepared
Him for burial. But the disciples missed the point. They did not understand what was taking
place in the anointing and the rush of events that were leading to Calvary.
Watch your heart, its values and receptiveness to God’s truth. The sweet scent of worship
lingering in your soul will be the blessing. Do not miss the point.
We may sing, “Open our eyes, Lord, we want to see Jesus, ” but do we mean it? Ask God to help
you have a receptive heart.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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