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Leviticus 6-7, Matthew 25:1-30 • Key Verse: Matthew 25:19
The parable of the talents is one of opportunities seized and lost. If talent is understood as it is
used today, one thinks of skills or abilities. This train of thought can lead to identifying talents as
spiritual gifts. However, the amount given was “according to his ability” (v. 15).
That establishes that spiritual gifts are something different than a person’s capabilities.
Some look to a literal rendering of the word and think in monetary terms. In Jesus’ day, a talent
was a significant sum.

Another view is that they represent opportunities. As the master leaves, he gives a portion of his
goods to these servants. They now have the opportunity to increase his holdings. Two of the
servants do well with what is entrusted to their care. Their rewards, given for their faithfulness,
are the same. One servant does not do well and is not rewarded.
The challenge of the parable is very plain. Jesus, the Master, is gone and will one day return. It is
our responsibility to advance the kingdom.
The challenge of the parable is also very personal. Each servant is judged individually. Are you a
good steward of the opportunities you have to serve Jesus?
What opportunities is God giving you to serve Him today? What will you do? Decide now that
you will be a good steward.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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