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Leviticus 4-5, Matthew 24:29-51 Key Verse: Matthew 24:42
If you are reading this, then you survived Y2K. Once again those who forecast the end of the
world were wrong.
Throughout history there have been those who have announced that the end was near. Sometimes
they even gave the exact date. There is such a curiosity about the end of the world that recently a
series of novels about end-time events written from a Christian viewpoint made the best-seller
lists, a fact that even TIME magazine took note of.
The bottom line is that no one knows when the end will come but God. Jesus said, “You do not
know on what day your Lord will come” (v. 42). In light of that fact, the believer needs to live
out the admonition at the beginning of verse 42 to keep watch. Live expecting that Jesus will
return today.
We often live with deadlines. It helps knowing the schedule for when something is to be
completed. Likewise, our lives should be lived anticipating that the deadline for Jesus’ return
may be today. So live expectantly!
Jesus could come today! That truth should motivate us to live ready for His return.
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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