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Leviticus 1-3, Matthew 24:1-28 • Key Verses: Matthew 24:4-5
Every generation has had the sense that it could be the last one before Jesus comes. That is the
reality of the imminent return of Jesus. As Jesus spoke of the end times in this passage, what He
described sounds like the day in which we live.
False prophets will appear and deceive many people (v. 11). The false can be recognized by
comparing what they say with the truth of the Bible. The better we know the Bible, the better we
will be able to recognize what is true and what is false.
There will be an increase in wickedness (v. 12). Not a hard point to prove today! Among other
things, consider how technology has made wickedness more accessible than ever. No need to go
to a bookstore to buy pornography or to a seedy movie theater. Today those things are just a few
clicks of the mouse away.
The love of most will grow cold (v. 12). Family breakups and the increase of violent crimes
indicate a lessening of love for others.
So Jesus tells us to stay true to His Word. Those who do will be saved.
Stay true. It’s as simple and as challenging as that!
Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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