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Exodus 16-18, Matthew 18:1-20 • Key Verse: Matthew 18:15

One of the toughest things a Christian is called upon to do is confront a believer about sin in his life. Part of what makes this hard is the reaction we anticipate. Yet .because we love Christ and the other Christian, we do what is right.

Another thing that makes it difficult is the rejection we anticipate. “That’s just your opinion,” might be the response. Here, then, is the beauty of verses l5-17. First we go as an individual. If our efforts are rejected, we return with one or two others.

No longer is it just the opinion of one but the shared concern of a small group. If the efforts of the group are rejected, then the church as a whole is brought into the situation—not as a matter of reporting but of enlisting.

As a church, we together lovingly confront. The brother or sister is then met with the fact that the church family sees the wrong. All together now we express our concern in hope that there will be change.

We do not live in isolation but as part of the Body of Christ. At times this body works together for the good of the individual.

Is there someone you need to confront? If sometime you are on the receiving end of confrontation, how will you respond?

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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