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Genesis 31-32, Matthew 9:18-38 • Key Verses: Genesis 32:9-10

A veteran missionary once wrote that he would rather be like Jacob than Solomon. In his assessment, Solomon started so promisingly but ended disastrously, while Jacob started disastrously but ended well. In these chapters Jacobs turn begins to be evident.

A dozen sons were born in a setting of dysfunctionality. Wives were competing and using their servants to aid their cause. It may seem surprising that God would continue to work with such a clan of schemers, but He did—not to condone their actions but to accomplish His ultimate purpose.

In some respects things were going well, Jacobs’s flocks were increasing, and, his ability at husbandry brought about great prosperity. But with that came jealousy and discord between him and Laban.

God intervened and put Jacob on the road again. He told him to go back home. Home for Jacob was not just where the hearth was but where Esau waited. This time he did not flee but obeyed. Even when pursued by Laban, he did the right thing. Jacob was willing to face up to what he had done.

No matter how disastrously we may have begun, the example of Jacob encourages us to finish well.

No matter what your past or present, you can aim to finish well. Strengthen your resolve and determine to be more like Jacob than Solomon. Finish well

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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