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Genesis 27-28, Matthew 8:18-34 • Key Verses: Genesis 28:15-16

Jacob knew what he wanted: his father’s blessing. After all, it was Gods promise for his life. It was not a question of what he wanted but of how he got it.

Already Esau had surrendered his birthright (25:33). Then Jacob added his own deceit to the situation. Coached by his mother, he pretended to be Esau so his father would bless him. It worked. By deceit he got what God had already promised him. The fact that it was already his by Gods promise did not justify his wrong behavior.

The deceiver then had to leave. Under the guise of looking for a wife, he was sent to his uncle Laban. There, the deceiver himself would be deceived. God always keeps His word. Even as Jacob traveled away from home, God met him at Bethel and blessed him.

Sometimes people think that getting what they want is the most important thing. But how it is obtained is important as well. The end never justifies the means. God’s word should be enough. There is no need to scheme or deceive because God is faithful to His promises.

As you follow through the story of Jacob, these scenes of deceit keep reoccurring. If someone were reading a summary of your life, what pattern would be evident? If it’s a pattern of wrong, then pray now for God to help you change.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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