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Genesis 16-17, Matthew 5:27-48 • Key Verse: Genesis 17:17

God’s ways certainly are not man’s ways. We need to remember that or we may be like Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, who at times struggled with what God was doing and tried to do what they thought should be done.

Sometimes the problem is a lack of patience, God promised Abraham descendants. When children did not come soon enough, Sarah conceived—not an heir but an error. Mankind still suffers the long-term effects of that decision. God’s way was not as fast as what man wanted.

Sometimes the problem is a lack of imagination. Hagar could not imagine staying when Sarah mistreated her. Sarah could not imagine that at her age she would have a child. God’s way was not imaginable to either of them.

Sometimes the problem is a lack of perspective. Abraham was told that Sodom was to be destroyed (Gen. 18). God saw the sin of the city; Abraham saw a city worth sparing. Perhaps there were ten righteous people in it, but evidently not.

God’s way was not the same perspective. We can be impatient, think things to be impossible and not see things as God sees them. Or we can study the Bible and learn God’s ways. He works things according to His timing and watches over us through even the hardest situations. Our determination must be that God’s ways will be our ways.

Do not try to force God into your mold, but allow yourself to be shaped by His ways. Surrendering control to Him can be difficult but is best.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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