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Genesis 7-9, Matthew 3 • Key Verse: Genesis 7:1

Sometimes the account of Noah and the ark is told as a wonderful story for children. Imaginations dance with images of animals on parade, going up a long ramp two by two into the ark.

But we need to keep in mind that this is a scene of judgment. Why the ark? Why the gathering of the animals? Both questions are answered with the word judgment.

The sin of mankind had reached such depths that God could not allow it to continue unpunished. But by His grace He provided the ark as a place for those inside to escape. The rain brought death and the ark was the way of salvation.

The reality is the same today. Sin brings judgment. God’s grace provides salvation. There was one place of safety in Noah’s day: the ark; There is only one place of salvation today: the cross.

Sin must be punished. God warns and provides a way of escape. It is our decision to receive or reject what is offered to us in Jesus. If you have not done so before, acknowledge your need and receive Jesus as Savior today. He died, was buried and rose again so that you can live forever.

Have you received God’s offer of salvation? Remember, if Noah had stayed outside the ark, he would have died. Just knowing there is salvation is not enough. You need to receive it.

Woodrow Kroll & Tony Beckett

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