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On January 6, 1822, the wife of a poor German pastor had a son, never dreaming that he
would one day achieve world renown and great wealth. When Heinrich Schliemann was
seven years old, a picture of ancient Troy in flames captured his imagination. Contrary to
what many people believed, Heinrich argued that Homer’s great poems, The Iliad and The
Odyssey, were based on historic facts and he set out to prove it.
In 1873, he uncovered the ancient site of Troy, along with some fabulous treasure which he
smuggled out of the country—much to the anger of the Turkish government. Schliemann
became a famous, wealthy man because he dared to believe an ancient .record and act upon
his faith.
You were “born rich” when you trusted Christ. But this is not enough, for you must grow in
your understanding of your riches if you are going to use them to the glory of God.

Too many Christians have never carefully studied “the Bank Book” to find out the vast
spiritual wealth that God has put in their account through Jesus Christ. Don’t be a Christian
who is only casually acquainted with “the Bank Book.”
Remember this: “He has given us His very great and precious promises, so that through them
you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil
desires” (2 Peter 1:4, NIV).
Consider also: Psalm 119:16, 18, 24; Romans 15:4.
Action assignment: Make it a point, beginning today, to read the entire Epistle of Ephesians.
Underline the many gems you dig out and discover for yourself how rich you really are!

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