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Jesus is with His people no matter where they are. Dr. G. Campbell Morgan told about an
experience in his early Christian life that involved this statement. Morgan used to visit
several elderly ladies once a week to read the Bible to them. When he came to the end of
Matthew’s Gospel, Morgan read, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world”
(28:20). He added, “Isn’t that a wonderful promise?” One of the ladies quickly replied,
“Young man, that is not a promise—it is a fact!”
There are no conditions for us to meet, or even to believe, for Jesus Christ is with us. Paul
discovered this to be true when he was seeking to establish a church in the difficult city of

He won people to Christ and baptized them and taught them the Word. When the going was
tough, Paul had a special visit from the Lord: “Be not afraid … for I am with thee” (Acts
The phrase “the end of the world” indicates that our Lord has a plan; He is the Lord of
history. As the churches follow His leading and obey His Word, they fulfill His purposes in
the world. It will all come to a climax one day; meanwhile, we must all be faithful.
Verse for today: “Go and make disciples of all nations … and … I will be with you always”
(Matthew 28:19-20, NIV).
Also read: Matthew 18:20; Acts 1:8; 18:1-11.
Action assignment: Is Jesus’ presence a constant fact in your life? Test yourself for
awareness of this wonderful truth. When you are negative, ask Him for grace to help you in
your need. When you are especially glad, thank Him for His grace in your life. Develop a
pattern of belief in His constant presence in your daily walk with Him.

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