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Daily Strength Blog

The world’s worst prison is the prison of an unforgiving heart. If we refuse to forgive others,
we are only imprisoning ourselves and causing our own torment. Some of the most miserable
people I have met in my ministry have been people who would not forgive others.
They lived only to imagine ways to punish these people who had wronged them. But they
were really only punishing themselves.
Many professing Christians have received forgiveness, but they have not really experienced
forgiveness deep in their hearts. Therefore they are unable to share forgiveness with those
who have wronged them.
If we live only according to justice, always seeking to get what is ours, we will put ourselves
into prison. But if we live according to forgiveness, sharing with others what God has shared
with us, then we will enjoy freedom and joy.
As recorded in Matthew 18:21, Peter asked for a just measuring rod (“How many times shall
I forgive my brother?”). Jesus told him to practice forgiveness and forget the measuring rod.
Verse for today: “And be ye kind to one another … even as God for Christ’s sake hath
forgiven you” (Ephesians 4:32).
Also consider: Matthew 18:21-34; Colossians 3:13.
Action assignment: Let’s say that someone close to you has treated you unfairly today or
recently, and he or she knows it— but has chosen to ignore the incident. You, on the other
hand, think about it constantly. If this is so, ask God to guide your thinking so your actions
will show true forgiveness. Then write out a prayer to give you tangible proof of your intent.

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