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And in as much as they gave the command to leave the stump and roots of the tree, your
kingdom shall be assured to you, after you come to know that Heaven rules.
One night an admiral on a U.S. Navy battleship ordered a certain course. The navigation
officer, seeing a light in the distance, reported that the battleship seemed to be on a collision
course with another ship.
The admiral immediately ordered his radio officer to send a message to the oncoming ship
demanding that it change its course ten degrees to the south.
The reply came simply, “No. You change your course ten degrees to the south.” After two
more unsuccessful exchanges, the admiral, now quite furious, came thundering into the radio
control room, grabbed the microphone and bellowed into it, “Change your course.
I am a battleship!” After a brief moment of silence, the even-tempered reply came back,
“Change your course. I am a lighthouse!”
Nebuchadnezzar was confident that he was the most powerful and important ruler alive,
Dozens of lesser kings had challenged his authority, only to be conquered and brought into
Therefore, it disturbed him when he was given the vision of a great tree that was chopped
down . The prophet Daniel revealed to this mighty despot that great as he was, heaven was
greater still. And only after the proud ruler was willing, to acknowledge the priority of God
would his kingdom be restored to him.
No matter how important and powerful we might be, even as mighty as Nebuchadnezzar
himself; we can no more challenge .God than a ship can oppose a lighthouse: When God
speaks, our best recourse is to submit and obey.
Are you struggling with God? Is there an area of your life that is cause for conflict? Don’t

crash your life into the rocks beneath the lighthouse. Let heaven rule. Surrender yourself to
God and let Him Have His way. It will not only preserve your life but will bring meaning to
it as well.

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