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“but there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets and He has made known to king
Nebuchadnezzar what will be in the latter days. your dream, and the visions of your head
upon your bed, were these.”
Many people loves good mystery story. With avid interest they follow the twists and turns of
plots woven by such master mystery writers as Agatha Christie or Mary Higgins Clark.
Yet there comes a point when the mystery needs to be revealed. Who really did it? Was it the
butler? Perhaps the jilted lover? May be the upstairs maid? unless the mystery is revealed, the
whole point of the story is lost.
God never leaves a mystery unresolved either. As Daniel was faced with the need to unravel
the strange and disturbing dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, God supplied the answers.
What could not be known by any other means, God revealed to Daniel at the appropriate
time. Nothing is hidden from God’s sight; no answers are beyond His understanding. When
the need to know is there, God always provides the information.
Life is filled with mysteries. We ask ourselves, why did this young missionary die in a car
accident? On the surface, it appears to be a mystery, why did I develop cancer while an
ungodly neighbor lives a long and healthy life? The answer doesn’t seem obvious.
Why was my child born with birth defects while my friend’s child is healthy? There are no
easy explanations.
If you are struggling with a mystery, if you have more questions than answers, wait patiently.
It’s hard, but you must believe that God will not keep the answer hidden forever.
A day will come, perhaps on earth or maybe in heaven, when you will understand. Some day
all the mysteries that plague us, all the plaintive wails of “Why?” will be answered. Until
then; trust the Divine Writer. At just the right time, He’ll reveal the secret


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