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RUTH 1:3, 5
Then Elimelech, Naomi's husband, died; and she was left, and her two sons.Then both Mah/on
and Chi/ion also died; so the woman survived her two sons and her husband.
A man took his elderly mother out to the cemetery to decorate graves for Memorial Day. After
placing a bouquet of flowers on her husband's grave, she wan dered among the other gravestones
marking the resting places of other family members who had gone to be with the Lord. Finally
she stopped, looked her son in the eye and with a wistful smile asked, "What have I done to
deserve all this over time?"
Perhaps Naomi felt the same way. She had left Israel with a husband and two sons; now only she
was left alone, and yet not alone. God had brought into her life two compassionate daughters-in-
law, one of whom would follow her all the way back to Israel. Even though Naomi intensely felt
the loss of her loved ones, God had not deserted her. He provided, even in a foreign land, those
who would love and care for a forlorn widow.

God never really leaves us alone. When He removes those whom we expect to love and support
us, He always provides another way for this need to be met. While you may experience the pain
of separation, you never need to feel totally abandoned. Sometimes God grants you an
unmistakable sense of His company. Other times He uses people around you to be the
instruments of His love and comfort. In either case, His compassion never fails and His presence
never falters.
Perhaps you have lost the one dearest to you. Maybe you have moved far away from family and
friends. Let God fill your life with His presence in whatever way He chooses, and rejoice that He
never forgets nor forsakes. Be assured that even though there may be an empty place in your
home, there can be a fullness in your heart.


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