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And now the LORD your God has given rest to your brethren, as He promised them; now
therefore, return and go to your tents and to the land of your possession, which Moses the servant
of the LORD gave you on the other side of the Jordan.
William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, received a letter from his wife while he was
on a long trip. She wrote in part, "Your Tuesday's notes arrived safe, and I was rejoiced to hear
of the continued prosperity of the work, though sorry you were so worn out.
I fear the effect of all this excitement and exertion upon your health, and though I would not
hinder your usefulness, I would caution you against an injudicious prodigality of your strength.
Remember a long life of steady, consistent, holy labor will produce twice as much fruit as one

shortened and destroyed by spasmodic and extravagant exertions; be careful and sparing of your
strength when and where exertion is unnecessary."
God also is aware of this truth. After five years of battles, Joshua declared, "God has given rest."
It was not that the land had been completely conquered, but it was time for the people to rest
Some Christians are quick to remind us that "Satan never takes a vacation." That may be true, but
Satan is not the example we want to follow. One scholar who studied the Gospels claims that
during the three years of Jesus' ministry, ten periods of resting are mentioned. If Jesus felt it
necessary to punctuate His ministry with seasons of rest, how much more so should we.
Being alone and resting for a while is not selfish; it's Christlike. Taking a vacation is not fleshly;
it's spiritual. God's kingdom is not advanced by those who work themselves into a coronary or
nervous breakdown. God gives rest to the weary, so don't be too proud to take it.

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