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He who feared the word of the Lord among the servants of Pharaoh made his servants and his

livestock flee to the houses.

Ancient soldiers were well protected by their armor. They had a round shield or buckler, a

helmet made of metal or leather, and a breastplate of scale-like plates of bronze sewn onto cloth

or leather. This made the soldier nearly invincible.

Still there were often gaps or cracks where the pieces came together. A skillful archer could

penetrate such cracks with an arrow and bring his enemy down.

Pharaoh appeared as invincible as a soldier. His word was law and he had all the resources of

mighty Egypt to make sure his will was enforced. But cracks began to show in the solid support

he had enjoyed in the past.

As plague after plague battered the land, some of Pharaoh’s most loyal subjects began to take

seriously God’s warnings. Invincible as Pharaoh seemed, God’s arrows were finding their mark.

William Wilberforce struggled for many years against England’s involvement in the slave trade.

When he first brought this concern to the floor of parliament, he was heckled to the point that he

was forced to take his seat.

Before he sat down, however, he declared, ‘There is coming a day when you will hear me

gladly.” That day came in 1833 shortly before his death. God’s arrow found the crack. The

English slave trade was abolished.

Do your problems appear as big and invincible as Pharaoh? Do they face you dressed in armor

that seems to turn away all your puny attempts to destroy them? Always remember: You face no

problems that don’t have a crack in their armor somewhere. At the right time God will send an

arrow that will bring them down in defeat. You can count on it!



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