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Exodus 4:2
So the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” And he said, “A rod. ”

When we think of giving to God, some times we fantasize about what we could do if only we had a lot of money. We’re like the man who told his pastor, “I wish I could win a million dollars so I could give a tenth of it to the church.” His pastor replied, “Why don’t you just give a tenth of what you’ve got?” “Oh,” the man said, “I need that to live on.” Isn’t that just like us? We’re willing to give what we don’t have, but God wants what we have.

When God confronted Moses on Mt. Sinai, Moses was just a poor shepherd. He had neither silver nor gold; he had no fine clothing; he had little to offer God—nothing but a rod that he used as a shepherd’s staff. That was all he had, and that was all God asked for.

Yet with that simple rod God caused a hail storm that killed every unprotected person and animal in the land of Egypt (Exodus 9:23). With that simple staff God caused a plague of locusts that infested every field (10:13). And with Moses’ rod God divided the Red Sea to permit the Israelites to cross on dry ground (14:16). Moses didn’t have much to give, but when he gave it to God it became a lot.

If you don’t have a great deal to give to God, don’t hold back what you do have. God is not concerned about the size of your gift, just the size of your heart. Give to God what you have, and you will be blessed by what He does with it.



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