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Exodus 4:1
Then Moses answered and said, “But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, ‘The Lord has not appeared to you.

Have you ever found yourself playing the “what if” game? What if I have an accident? What if my check doesn’t come? What if my child gets sick?

It’s good to plan ahead. We all should have a contingency plan in most situa tions. But when God says, “Do this there is no room for other contingencies. Options are not acceptable. God told Moses to deliver the Israelites from Egypt. But in response Moses began to say, “But suppose…”

“What ifs” often paralyze Christians. God calls them to teach a Sunday school class, but they begin to play “what if.” “Suppose I can’t keep control of the class.” “Suppose I am not a good teacher.” “Suppose an emergency comes up and I can’t make it to class.” Since any “what if” is a possibility- even the remote ones—they soon create “analysis paralysis.” The possible disasters outweigh the potential good and we are left with an impossible situation. We freeze up and are unable or unwilling to make a decision.

Satan loves to get us so concerned about the “what ifs” that we are too afraid to follow God’s will. However, if God has called us to a task, we can have the confi dence that He will deal with the conse quences as well. When Satan whispers in our ear, “What if?” how should we respond? How about, “So what? God will take care of it.”



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