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Job 38:1 “Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind.”

Violent storms are one of the most destructive forces that nature can unleash upon mankind. Living in Nebraska, I’ve noticed that there is rarely a spring night during which some part of the state isn’t pounded by tornadoes or torrential rainfalls.

Unfortunately, these outbreaks of nature are usually accompanied by a great deal of property damage, sometimes even loss of life. Whirlwinds are definitely forces to be reckoned with.

But the whirlwind that Job encountered was more than a product of nature. It was a divine messenger from the Lord. God used one of nature’s most awesome expressions of power to confront Job with his own frailty and weakness. The whirlwind brought Job face to face with his lack of understanding of God. Obviously his friends had misunderstood the nature of God as well, but Job was not entirely innocent either.

After he experienced the violence of this whirling windstorm, he was brought to a fresh realization that God was far greater than he could comprehend. With his ignorance revealed, Job confessed, “I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know” (Job 42:3).

In the midst of our distress, it is common to find fault with God. We think, Surely God must have made a mistake for this to be happening to me. But such thinking is foolishness. With our limited understanding of what is truly happening both on earth and in heaven, we are arrogant to think that we are in a position to judge God’s actions. We are dealing with issues that are far beyond our understanding. In fact, even if God were to explain them, we wouldn’t be able to fully grasp them.

God is not committed to give you answers, but He is committed to bring you comfort. Avail yourself of what God offers–His presence in the midst of tribulation–and leave the rest up to someone far wiser than yourself.


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