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All of us have sold our inheritance. Do you remember the account of Esau – how he sold away his birthright? (Genesis 25)

As children of Adam we have all sold our birthright. That which was rightfully ours, the task of owning and ruling over the entire creation on behalf of God, has been lost in the fall. We have traded our riches – given from God – for poverty.

We have now inherited sin, death, judgment from the law of God, and hell as well. Let me stress this. In reality, the sufferings of this present world can be seen as an introduction to the eternal sufferings in the world to come. Sin in the world and sin in us is a one-way street. It is the street of suffering and loss, of agonizing grief.

And is not this the heart of the gospel? The gloriousness of the good news?! “He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” (Colossians 1:13-14)

This does not mean that we are put back in the garden of Eden. Rather, it means that Jesus paid the price to rescue us from the Kingdom of darkness – where sin, death and hell reigns. He makes things right. And not only that, but what we inherit in Christ, our Kinsman Redeemer, is so much more than what Adam originally had. So what do I have?

As a Christian… I have a strong redeemer; His name is Jesus. He will redeem – buy back – all that was lost. Sometimes, Christians will argue about the issue of physical healing. If sickness is a result of the sin and fall, why is it that Christians still get sick after they have been redeemed? Why do we still die? Why is there still so much injury among believers?

The Bible presents us with many answers to these questions, but no matter how we process them, I know this: I will one day be healed of all sickness. All those things that have been lost in the fall will be redeemed. My Redeemer has paid a great cost so that I am restored. He will buy back all that was lost. He will restore what sin has destroyed. This is why we can be a restorative community today. I know that we cannot fix every broken marriage, every divided relationship, every church racked by sin, and every effect of sin. But I know One who offers grace and healing. I know that in the end, all will be redeemed.

Because I know that I have a Redeemer, I do not suffer loss in the same way. I may lose all my wealth, my health, dear friends, and even see loved ones taken by death. I may suffer because of my own foolish sins, but this I know: nothing that has been lost will not be redeemed. I know I have a Redeemer! I know this about people who are filled with faith. They are strong. In fact, let me add that those who have true faith are the very toughest people on the earth.

They can withstand even the most savage loss that would devastate anyone else. They believe that the very best days they have ever had are definitely not behind them – but ahead of them. And for that reason, despair, hopelessness and a loss of courage are banished with the words – “Jesus is my redeemer. Whatever I have lost cannot be so significant as I thought. For I know that in Him, I can face the future with confidence.”

APPLICATION: Heavenly Father, help us to have courage in the present hour. Let us continue to be propelled forward by looking into the face of Jesus our Redeemer, knowing that He restores and He makes whole. Thank you, oh Lord God that our best days are still ahead.


Dr. John Neufeld
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